#FakeWatch #ALERT!

To begin with, this article ain’t about spotting a fake Rs: 2,00,000 worth watch from a mile’s distance. The trick is to distinguish a fake from a real watch – to avoid people who sell counterfeit watches, especially the watch dealers or sellers you don’t know.


Sure you know you’re getting scammed when someone is selling a Rolex for Rs: 8000 to you, but what about the watches that are being priced and sold just below the average market price? The problem is in identifying fake from authentic vintage watches, where counterfeiters have been using original parts to create a highly polished, and sought-after vintage Omega, for example.


Brands from TAG Heuer to Audemars Piguet, from Rolex to Omega – they’re all available as counterfeits. You just need to know some pointers to look out for, as the answer my friend, is in the details of the watch. It starts with noting a high resolution image of the watch and then going down to noticing it’s materials, the finish and quality of the exterior, such as the crown, case, bracelet, pushers, etc., which are some features found on the dial. Furthermore, the size of the typography, the logo, the words used on the dial, such as ‘Swiss Made,’ ‘T Swiss Made T, T < 25 Swiss Made,’ etc. Then there is the print quality on the dial, the size of hour markers, and so on. Although, there are some brands that choose to make specific ‘water marks,’ which undeniably collapses the life of its counterfeits. For instance, Rolex uses a laser-etched crown in its sapphire crystal, also it has a serial number on the watch dial  – the outer ring.

Careful though, not every deviation or change spotted in a watch is a reason to believe something is not authentic, as some watch manufacturers also work with different dial suppliers, hence a minor change in design is bound to reflect.

In all honesty, we urge you to do your homework well before being scammed.  Its best to rely on experts who are willing to shed more light on this topic, such as a watch manufacturer. Also, the more you ask questions on a public forum, the more the remarks and feedback on the authenticity of a watch.


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