Streetwear Style tips for Men

Being accidentally stylish is not as hard as you might think it is. While the street style regulars get tons of free gear so they can look cool in pictures, regular guys have to buy carefully in order to build a perfect wardrobe. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few style cues you can learn from well-dressed dudes on the Internet.

The trick is to do it properly. Get inspired, don’t copy. Personal style is well, personal, so if someone rocks an item in a certain way, or mixes two brands you didn’t think would go together, consider how you would do it in a way that reflects who you are. Whether it’s investing in a pair of designer running sneakers, or how to nail a denim-on-denim look, check out these:-

  • Wear Different Denim Washes Together
    Whoever said you can’t wear a denim jacket or shirt, with jeans doesn’t know how cool it looks. You can pull this off easily by making sure the washes are at least two shades different from each other—or go to the next level wear colored denim. Don’t be afraid to step outside the blue zone and rock acid-washed grays, stark white denim, solid black, or even super light “dad jeans.” Don’t get annoyed at people who call it a “Canadian tuxedo.” Plenty of cool things have come from Canada, like Ryan Gosling, hockey sweaters, and Drake.
    Where to buy: H&M Stores.
  • Put On Your Squad
    Wearing a licensed jersey is cool, but there’s plenty of athletic-inspired gear out there that looks good off the court too. Whether it’s high-fashion inspirations like Jack & Jones or other interpretations from Lee, Spykar , and more – all have great options, if you are looking to jump on this trend.
    Where to shop: KOOVS


  • Camo is Cooler When Worn Tastefully
    You might be sick of looking at it, but camo is here to stay. It’s a pattern that all guys can pull off, and with all of the variations on this classic military staple, it’s easier than ever to rock it well. If you want to take your style up a few levels, use camo like you would bright colors—contrast it with solid pieces and consider getting unexpected accessories like bags or cell phone cases to add that necessary pop that takes an oufit from 10 to 11.
    Where to shop: Myntra

  • Let Your Backpack Graduate from High School
    Backpacks are the city-dwelling guy’s bag of choice. And for spring, instead of buying a classic style, spend your money on a backpack designed with stand out details, made from more luxurious materials, or designed like an old-school rucksack for a bag that’s as grown up as you are.
    Where to shop: AJIO

  • Wear Your Denim Jacket with everything
    Denim jackets have been around for over century, so no need to question their relevance in your wardrobe. They’re also more versatile than you think. You can wear them over top of hoodies, or underneath your raincoat as a layer on rainy days. Got a 9-5? Fight against “the man” by slipping a slim denim jacket on underneath a blazer, or heck, wear it as a blazer with slim (read: non-denim) trousers and an oxford shirt.
    Where to buy: Jabong


  • Wear All Black Without Sweating Your @$$ off
    Black is the easiest color to build a daily uniform with. Why do you think so many fashion people and rappers are so keen on the look? You’ll look dressed up and super cool even when you’re not trying to. The black tones don’t have to exactly match, but two things are important when wearing dark colors in warm weather: fabric and fit. Cotton and linen are breathable fabrics that’ll let you feel cool breezes, while a looser fitting T-shirts and button-downs ensure that if you do sweat, your clothes won’t get glued to your body as a result of it.

    Hope you liked our fashion tips guys, Cheers!!!


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