5 Fashion Resolutions For 2016

Ladies, this New Year make a fashion resolution that will make you look and feel more fashionable and stylish than ever before. Consider adding one (or all) of these five fashion resolutions to your to-do list in 2016, and you’ll certainly love the chic change in you!



Often women tend to buy clothes in a size smaller than their actual body fit; under the pretext that they’ll wear it whenever they can fit in it. C’mon now, let’s get more realistic. It’s our body, that’s who we are, so love your curves and accept your body type for what it is today. We don’t mean don’t work-out or don’t lose weight. But, until that day comes, shop for outfits you would want to wear on your body ATM.

Try a Runway Trend

bell sleeve

2015 belonged to the crop top. In 2016, a Spring Summer trend we highly recommend adding to the wardrobe, is the Bell Sleeve top and/or dress. Not like crop tops aren’t a craze anymore, but wearing a bell sleeves crop top for instance, is going to be way more on point


Out with the Old, In with the New
One resolution that we must consider by all means is to stop clogging our closet with piles of clothes. Simply do away with your old clothes and update your wardrobe with new apparel. You can give those old clothes in a yard sale, donate it to a charity or get all your girlfriends together and do a clothing swap.


Be a Risk Taker

Often, bright colours, bold patterns and statement pieces are a challenge for many. But, honestly, if you try these as per your personal style and size, you’ll definitely rock it. The obstacle is you telling yourself that you just can’t pull something off, without ever trying it. So, stop playing safe and wear something you’ve been too nervous to attempt to wear before.

Chop it, dye it, style it!
Try out that hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of forever now. Want to color your hair? Go ahead, do it. Want to cut it short? Do it. Want to try some braids or bands? Check out YouTube for options and simply try those hair twists and turns. Welcome this New Year with a new hair style!


Got any New Year Fashion Resolutions? Share them with  me by commenting below or tweet to me @AyushiA_Gulyani

Disclaimer: This story has been originally posted at http://www.faballey.com/blog. Author: AyushiAroraGulyani

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