#5 Fashion tips to take from Marilyn Monroe

There’s something about Marilyn we just can’t get over. She may be gone, but her legend lives on. She may not have been a great actress and certainly wasn’t the only beautiful woman to garner the limelight. But the blonde beauty has many ‘Marilyn Monroe impersonators’ applauding her for her fashion sensibilities, which are as applicable today as they were then. Here are some suggestions on how you can adopt a classic Marilyn look, in a modern context.

#1 Love your Curves

CurvesEver come across a picture of Marilyn in oversized T-shirts or baggy sweatpants? Not a one, and that’s the point. We can learn a thing or two from the way Marilyn embraced her shape, so freakin’ confident, that even J’Lo can’t get it so right! Regardless of what size you are, wear clothes that fit and flatter rather than hiding under layers of shapeless knits.

#2 Bring the bling, Accessorize

In her movie, ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ she encounters a diamond tiara for the first time and after realising it doesn’t fit like a necklace, she wears the tiara on her head and says, “I always love finding new places to wear diamonds!” If you own a jewel or two – perfect, if not, you can still mimic Monroe’s penchant for accessories.  Bling up your outfits with sparkly earrings, necklaces and for the intrepid ones – even tiaras! Marilyn would so approve!

#3 Red is Sexy, not Loud

red liptsickFrom the 50s when Marilyn had everyone enthralled with red lipstick, to now, and maybe forever, red lips will always be in fashion. The vibrant color draws attention and is a great confidence booster too. Once you’ve got a good foundation, apply a flattering shade of red lipstick, blotting it with a tissue to achieve a more natural look, and that’s it, you got it just right like Lady Monroe.

#4 Highlight a Beauty Mark

tumblr_lxgafjlTQ21qjkp5ho1_1280Marilyn Monroe embraced her beauty mark as her signature look which rested on the left side of her face. It formed a nearly perfect triangle with her nose and mouth, such a beauty! So, here’s lesson from Lady Monroe – ‘Embrace Your Imperfections, that’s what makes you unique and beautiful.’

hair#5 Short Hair is Sexy

If you ever reach that phase in life, when keeping short hair comes to mind, think of this platinum Blonde in short locks, so sexy! In our generation, hair essentials like hair curling tongs are a blessing. So just twist your hair using them and let them loose, voila, that’s starlet style.

The magic of celebrity can certainly wave its glamorous wand over us all, and Marilyn is an archetype all her own. While taking her as your fashion inspiration is perfect, but also identifying your signature style, adapting it to the social and business situations you encounter and, by all means, sticking with it is so Marilyn-like.



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