Dress, your body-type!

So you have a party to attend and need to buy a dress for the occasion. Here’s a quick suggestion – know your body type, and then pick and choose a dress. Why? There’s no point trying to forcefully fit yourself into garments, when there’s already something tailor-made just for you!

Apple shape body

Drew-Barrymore-body-shape1If you’re blessed with an ample bosom and quite frankly fabulous legs, like Drew Barrymore, then you have an apple shape body. Go for a dress that highlights your legs, gives an impression of a narrower waist and accentuates the fabulous slim legs you own. A wrap style or empire dress, for instance, would look wonderful on you.

Tip: Women who are busty should opt for a wide ‘V’ collared dress; it makes your top, less heavy.

Where to buy: FabAlley

Pear shape body

pearshapePear shape body is one with a heavy bootie, like Rihanna and Beyonce. You need to do the opposite of apple shapes, draw attention away from your lower body and take focus on your neckline. A flowy dress which skims over your hips, will suit you just right, as they let your collarbone take centre stage.

Tip: Team a high waist belt to close the look for that contemporary touch.

Where to buy: FabAlley

Straight shape body

cameron diaz2Your body has an athletic shape, just like how Cameron Diaz has it. What you need to do is pick dresses which add a little help in creating curves. The on-trend peplum dresses are made just for you, as they add volume on the hips and create the illusion of an hourglass figure, what’s better than that eh?

Tip: Go for the high neck sheer lace body flatters to give your front a heavy look.

Where to buy: FabAlley

Hourglass shape body

katy perry -hourglassIf you have the curves like Katy Perry, you’ve got a universally sought-after body shape, so simply flaunt it! Bodycon, figure-hugging dresses are so your kind, and will accentuate your curves really well too!

Tip: Accessorize your dress well, and make it glitzy enough for the festive season.

Where to buy: FabAlley



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