Movie Review: Tamasha

Tamasha, the latest cinematic offering by Imtiaz Ali, has been juggling amidst many good and bad reviews. With a rating of 4/5, it’s a one-time-watch for sure. Here’s why!

Imitiaz has very interestingly brought out Ved’s character in the first half. First, by showing us glimpses of his childhood fantasy – listening to legendary stories from an old man in his hometown Shimla aka Simla. Throwback to your good old childhood days. Second, when he’s an adult and holidaying at an island in Corsica, as a filmy and fun to-be-with boy, who talks to the mountains, enacts the famous Dev Anand and entertains a crowd of strangers with his impeccable story telling skills.Tamasha

Here is where he meets the pretty girl from India – Tara (Deepika Padukone). She’s enacted as a girl next door, nothing OTT bout her character, but, even the usual her with such impeccable acting skills is such a delight to watch! P.S: Girls, you’ll love the way she dresses-up!

In the second half, they meet each other again, but in India. Unfortunately, Ved is no more the funky guy Tara knew from Corsica. Infact, his hidden rage and madness will almost freak you out. Many-a-time you may wonder how he was able to switch between two personalities with so much ease.

The movie has been shot wonderfully by DOP Ravi Verman and the melodious music by A.R. Rahman fits the situations perfectly by never once interfering with the storyline. Lyricists Irshad Kamil has also done a beautiful job.

Wonder why Imtiaz Ali decided to scale down the aspect ratio during the montages at the beginning of the film and immediately after interval. Even the cut-aways to Ved’s childhood looked out-of-place. Certainly the movie isn’t a conventional love saga, but, the zeal to do what you’re passionate about in life has been brought out beautifully by Imtiaz through Ved’s storyline.

Tamasha was released on Friday, November 27th, 2015.


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