Book Review: Moods

“Moods” by Usha Purohit is poetry to its peak. Purohit has been practising  law in the Bombay High Court since 1979. Indian classical music and writing are integral to her life. In 1996, she received Sahitya Akademi award for “Saat Paule Aakashi” which was translated from Gujarati novel  into Marathi.
Haikus_Front Cover_v2
“Moods” is not just a poetry in its format but also has resemblance with the way the meaning is conveyed. Nature is the protagonist of the tale called “Moods”. Nature has assumed several dimensions ranging from its fragility and vulnerability to its fierceness. Nature in the form of plantations and birds are depicted in this work. Variety of names ranging from cuckoo to peacocks to kingfisher to woodpecker to crane to many more cover the entire gamut of the poem’s landscape. Varieties of trees like Gulmohar, Marigold, Rhododendron, Gold Champa and others pervade the poetry. In addition, the paintings accompanying the text, in the texture of water colour, pervade a life like portrayal of true Nature.
Filmmaker Sooni Taraporewala launches a new book on Japanese style poems [Haikus] by author Usha Purohit
Moods, Book Author, Usha Purohit (R)
Although apparently the poetry looks like ‘Haikus’ the poet has intentionally deviated from its strict form since that requires a defined number of words in each line. She shares, “I have taken teh indulgence not to follow the traditional format of the defined number of words but the soul is eternal and therefore preserved.”

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