Top Fashion Magazines

Fashion is a fever that seizes the attention of men and women both. To meet the trend specific expectations of style-fanatics there are many fashion guides that compile information on the running fashion trend, latest apparel and couture, provide relationship guidance, style-check tips, celebrity gossip, etc. This very fashion-guide is known as a Fashion Magazine! They are indeed a classic medium to keep you au courant, with the latest in fashion and the oh-so-essential knitty-gritty of the fashion fraternity.

Here is a list of some fashion magazines that help in gathering the latest in the fashion market and its trend updates.

Vogue: vogue Vogue India serves as an essential resource for the latest updates on fashion and lifestyle news, trends, designers and renowned personalities in the world of fashion. This is that one magazine that never fails to cure the fashion itch of its discerning readers through impeccably penned and well-photographed reviews about global cultural events.

For everything that interests a fashion-forward fanatical woman, will be found in this magazine; women simply love it!

feminaFemina: A property of World Wide Media, Times of India Group, Femina is one of the most extensively circulated women’s magazines published in India. This fortnightly magazine stands out as one of the most-read magazines by women in India as it features articles on women health & fitness, relationships, hair & skin care tips, beauty essentials, clothing, travel pages and cuisines. Not only this, Femina has been known for being the main sponsor of Miss India beauty pageant for many years.

Also, people who love reading on gossip can totally depend on Femina for the latest spicy updates on their favourite celebs.

elleElle: Recognised for curating the entire global fashion buzz in and around the fashion fraternity, Elle focuses on the latest fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment news. Although the magazine is aimed at reaching the modern-day and fashion-conscious women audience, it also addresses different lifestyle issues faced by women through expertly crafted opinion pieces along with engaging articles.

Last but not the least, with targeted shopping information the magazine is known for suggesting the season’s most fashionable look and has carved a niche as the one-stop-guide for fashion connoisseurs.

cosmoCosmopolitan: The International fashion magazine also published in India is eminent for its glossy fashion content and agenda-setting latest trend updates. Cosmo offers thought-provoking features on fashion, sex advice, health, dating tips, self-improvement and news on superstars.

Known as the pick-up and read solution that every woman can indulge into, this magazine is a mirror to the bold and independent lifestyle that defines a contemporary woman.

L’OfficielL’Officiel: L’Officiel India, published by Maxposure Media Group, a monthly circulated magazine has distinct identity amidst the run of the mill fashion magazines published across India. The magazine carves its own look and feel through an ultra-modern international and national take on the fashion industry and its evolving ideologies.

This high-end luxury, lifestyle and beauty fashion magazine is aimed at reaching the upper middle class and upper class audience, designers, artists and writers so as to showcase an aesthetically “refined” insight into the world of fashion, beauty fashion-conscious and popular culture. An ultimate fashion guide for the urbane Indian woman, who is couture-savvy and poised to explore the luxurious dimensions and perspectives of modern fashion!

Next up- Your guide on Fashion websites, those that are informative about the latest trends + shopping guides! Tweet to us or FB us and let us know what your opinion is! 


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