Planning a house-party? Try these Halloween food decorations…

Spike your foods mischievous quotient with these great DIY Halloween food decoration stuff. Now pep-up your house parties with these crazy ideas! 

If you’re organising a Halloween party at home, you’re probably all set with the Halloween theme décor and attire. What about the food? We get you some quirky ideas from Delhi’s leading Chefs on how to dress-up some food and drinks to create a Halloween theme.

spider-web The ImperialSpider Web Chocolate Cup Cakes
Whether you’re baking cupcakes at home or getting it from the market, the frosting can always be done at home in a spider-web style.

A great tip from Prem Kumar Pogakula, Executive Sous Chef,The Imperial New Delhi includes breaking the dark and white chocolate into separate bowls and melting it in the microwave or over a pan.

He explains the process saying, “Working with one cupcake at a time, add a spoonful of the melted dark chocolate letting it run down a bit. Then pipe four concentric circles of white chocolate on top. Using a small skewer, drag through the circles at regular intervals from the centre to the edge to create a cobweb effect.” Repeat the process with rest of the muffins and get creative by swapping the dark layers for white for a different effect.

Creepy SaladCreepy Salad
It’s the perfect excuse to creep your guests out with some ghoulish food. A simple ingredient like soya jelly or sesame seeds can do wonders for even something like a Salad palate.

Chef Prem Kumarhas a few evil ideas. He says, “Add some soya jelly or balsamic vinegar jelly for a decidedly slimy look.” Want to take it a step further? “You can even add some tossed white and black sesame seed on salads or grilled foods to make it look like little insects,” he adds.

Devil's stare- ice cubes in tomato juiceDevil Stare Ice cubes
Earn yourself some easy brownie points with ice cubes that play peek-a-boo.
If you’re particularly strapped for time, try freezer pomegranate pearls in water. Serve these with a cold salad, top it with these ice cubes and you’ll see the guests coming back for more.

“Freeze some tomato juice ice cubes in the freezer and serve it with salads for a bloody look or simply drop it into some fruit based cocktail or mocktail to add a tangy balance to the drink,” adds Chef Prem Kumar.

FrightNight - SM - Monkey Bar - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra - Low ResFright Night Pork Ribs
Halloween is always synonymous with all things devilish and spooky. When it comes to making food and cocktails for this occasion, stay away from clichés where dishes look like fingers or organs and look inedible.

Instead Manu Chandra, Executive Chef and Partner, Monkey Bar recommends playing around with colours and flavours instead.

“Incorporate spices and reds into your dish like adding a paprika glaze to pork ribs to give it a fiery finish,” he says and adds “Add some green chillies to decorate the rim of the glass for a devilish look.” Don’t get too wrapped up with the food and forget about the décor. Carve out a few small pumpkins to use as jack-o’-lanterns to set the stage for the evening.

Draculla KissDracula’s Kiss
Whip-up a bloody feast that would make count Dracula proud. “Decorate cocktail glasses with a chili, black and green olive skewer. Tabasco can be used to create artwork on the surface of the drink,” adds Chef Manoj Kumar, Sous Chef at Rodeo.

Ghostly DimsumGhostly Dimsum
Steam or buy your favourite choice of Dimsum and decorate it with a mix and match of ingredients to create a ghostly look.

“Take two Chive flowers and place it top of the Dimsum. For eyes, cut two slices of red chili and top them with Szechwan sauce or Tomato ketchup. For the mouth area, paste some white and black sesame seeds. Complete this by resting the Dimsum in Szechwan sauce,” says Chef Chua Kong Ngiap,Yauatcha. “Finish decorating the plate with Chili oil and sprinkled chili powder,” he adds.

So, this year, throw caution to the winds and stir up your own monstrous feast to watch Halloween come really alive. Tweet to us about some of your favourites party food themes @wecallitwow and we’ll share your fiendish foods with our readers!


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