Book Review – The Seeker

A brilliant page turner by Author Karan Bajaj which will keep you hooked till the very end. 

The Seeker cover

The story revolves around Max, a US national who travels to India to find the true meaning of life and transcend the boundaries of pain, suffering and attachment.

He sets off in his quest aiming to become a yogi.  His endeavours lead him to the snow-clad peaks in the Himalayas to the smouldering  cauldrons in Southern India. In the journey that follows,  Max meets  an  irresistible Israeli woman,  the  indomitable  girl  Shakti,  and  his guru Ramakrishna, a  Brazilian doctor who is striving towards enlightenment. Nowhere does “The Seeker” become preachy or monotonous in it’s attempt to unravel the meaning of life.

Author Karan Bajaj

The book leaves us with a simple message- that the power to understand the universe with its infinite powers reside within us, and with great power will come  even greater peace. Does Max succeed?  “The Seeker” awaits…


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