6 reasons why we love Sania Mirza

Sania proves her mettle @the Family Circle Cup and also won respect and love of many! With this reason, here are 6 other reasons which have made us salute you yet another time Sania!

  1. Taking the country’s name a notch higher, here’s a thumbs-up/ round of applause for Sania Mirza on becoming world’s No.1 in Tennis Doubles player.Sania Mirza
  2. While she decided to quit playing Singles long ago, her belief in the Indo-Swiss partnership with her co-player and winner Martina Hingis is remarkable indeed. The two have had a commendable team spirit, been head-strong and focused ever since they came together!
  3. Going back to the 90s, only Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhuapthi had achieved the top rank when they ruled the men’s doubles circuit. Adding to the list is Sania. P.S. We’re applauding a lady winner now!Sania
  4. Regardless of all the unjust, ruthless and non-sporty behavior of media and common viewers about Sania’s attire, caste, personal relationship discussion, the lady has still succeeded in proving her mettle.

  5. Well yes, she has made India proud, but going deeper in the roots, the 28-year-old Hyderabadi becomes No. 1 and adds to the bright stars that Saina Nehwal had brought in after becoming No. 1 in badminton.sania ranked number 1

  6. It’s so unfair to compare Sania Mirza with Saina Nehwal. No the former isn’t loud about her skills, she just is an extrovert and lets accept it. Both make the country and its people proud in different sports, then why compare? P.S. It’s Victory for India!

And at this note, we leave Sania’s fans to update us on the many reasons she deserves appreciation for.


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