Gurgaon: Food Review – Café Delhi Heights, Cyber Hub

Does Café Delhi Heights manage to maintain its standards in its new outlets? We try some new dishes from their menu and report back.

Café Delhi Heights has opened a brand new outlet in the popular restaurant locale in Gurgaon, Cyber Hub. Delhi Heights is a casual dining café and is known for its mix of Indian and International dishes. Most popular of which is the Juicy Lucy Burger.

CDH, Cyber Hub.They’ve maintained the same décor they have at all their outlets. There are a lot of low jute sofas with snazzy cushions, booth seating with LCDs and white drapes and leather seats. From casual chic to bohemian, this place has something to appeal to each of its patrons. There is also a fine dine area with a live European style open kitchen.

From their menu which has a lot to offer, we picked Salad Panzanella (Rs 345). The salad of foccacia and grilled vegetables is sprinkled with parmesan. The pepper was a bit too much, but otherwise a great start to the meal.

WP_20140805_011For a vegetarian appetiser, we tried the Gunpowder Aloo (Rs 295). Baby potatoes had been simmered in a spicy gravy. If you enjoy spicy food, then this appetiser is a must-try. We followed this up with a Chicken Shish Touk (Rs 375). The lightly marinated melt-in-your-mouth chicken kebabs were grilled and skewered. A tip – don’t let it sit unattended for long, as it tastes best when it’s served hot.

We also decided to try Delhi’s favourite street drink – Banta Soda (Rs 125). Also called Lemon Soda, this is the one drink that is found in almost all markets of Delhi. Served in a jar-like container, it had the perfect balance of lemon and soda.

WP_20140805_019In the mains we tried the Delhi Burger (Rs 375) – this was replica of bun-tikkis that you can buy from roadside stalls in Delhi. The base of the burger bun was deep fried and the filling had a heavy dose of onions and tomatoes, with two or three crispy potato patties in it. We also tried a non-vegetarian counterpart – Open Chicken Burger (Rs 425) and liked it from the moment we laid eyes on it – an open burger bun, which had a bed of finely minced chicken topped with melted cheddar cheese and béchamel. Heavy on the stomach, but its creamy and cheesy flavours won us over. Both these burgers were served with crispy potato wedges on the side.

WP_20140805_026Our next dish was something that we ordered only because we had least expected it to be listed on their menu – Khichadi (Rs 475). Lentils and arborio rice had been prepared in butter. This was a richer version of any Khichadi we have ever had. We’d recommend you just skip this dish, because there was nothing remarkable about it. But if you eat meat, We’d recommend you try the Khichada (Rs 475) – the non-vegetarian version of Khichadi. While its basic ingredients are similar to the Khichadi, it’s the succulent and tender chicken pieces added to the Khichada which make all the difference.

WP_20140805_033When it comes to desserts, Delhi Heights stays away from street food, much to our disappointment. We had the Chocolate Mud Cake (Rs 185) and the Crème Brûlée (Rs 185) – both of which were superlative.

The restaurant has a very cosmopolitan vibe to it and offers the perfect relaxed environment for the office-goers working in Cyber Hub. Will we visit again? Yes, for the delicious burgers, pleasant décor and cordial service.

Must-try: Open Chicken sandwich and Delhi Burger with Banta Soda

Meal For Two: Rs 1200 + taxes
When we visited, the restaurant still hadn’t received its alcohol license.
This meal was sponsored by the restaurant.


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