Delhi: Food Review – Ace Of Flames, HauzKhas Village

There’s a fine dining restaurant amidst the many lounges and pubs in HauzKhas Village. We visited Ace Of Flames to find out what the hype is all about.

Ace Of Flames gives you a new reason to visit the famous HauzKhas Village (HKV). This new establishment offers a fine dining experience that allows you to sit back and relish an elaborate meal in comfort.

Like décor that is reminiscent of the decades gone by, there is plenty of warm brown wood work and leather couches giving it a plush, comfortable vibe. Peppy, up-tempo world music plays in the background making this a great place to have a fun conversation over a meal with friends.

WP_20141009_007From their elaborate multi-cuisine menu, Restaurant Manager, Nidhi Kapoor suggested some Mediterranean and Chinese specialities for appetisers. While Corn n Pepper (Rs 295) is a dish of sweet and spicy crisp corn kernels served with a hot garlic sauce, the Crispy Conjee Lamb (Rs 435) has spicy slices of deep fried lamb tossed with bell pepper. The Falafel Hummus Pita (Rs 265) is served with fresh, buttery pita bread. However, the bland falafel lacked any discernible flavour and could have been better seasoned. All these work well with a round of cocktails.

The Apple Martini (Rs 450) is a sweet, syrupy, vodka-based apple drink that’s great if you’re looking for something light. A more potent pick is the Ace Of Flames Special (Rs 245) made with watermelon, pineapple and Sprite; this was quite like an intoxicating tropical punch.

376A9731 (1)The Mughlai specials were a great choice for main course. Stuffed Kulcha – a floury Indian flatbread stuffed with spices and onions (Rs 85) was delicious with the Dal Makhani (Rs 295) – a slightly spicy dish made with urad dal and rajma beans. This combination is perfect and tastes divine together.

The Butter Chicken (Rs 495) has a mildly sweet flavoured cream based curry, mixed with tender chicken pieces. If you love a fragrant biryani instead, try the Nawabi Tarkari Biryani with Raita (Rs 355). Although the rice was slightly sticky and overcooked, it still had a delicately balanced flavour and a sweetish pungent taste.

WP_20141009_016After this indulgent meal, the only fitting way to end it was with a hot and cool Fried Ice Cream (Rs 200). Vanilla ice cream is rolled in slices of bread, batter fried, garnished with honey and chocolate syrup and served hot. Popular with a number of diners, this hot and cold dessert hits all the right notes.

So, if you want to take a break from the usual party places in HKV, here’s one place to stop and take a delicious breather.

Must Try: Dal Makhani with Stuffed Kulcha and Fried Ice Cream

Meal For Two: Rs 1200 + taxes

This meal was sponsored by the restaurant.


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  1. Ajay Nayyar says:

    Wonderful write up ! however the service at this place is extremely slow. No matter how good food you get at a restaurant but service plays an important role.


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